Building Strong Societies

This article by John Scalzi sets out a his thoughts on how to raise a “strong woman”; and I can see the merit. However, as I favour both cross-fertilisation of knowledge and avoiding unnecessary gender bias, I wondered if they held if references to female children were removed.

  1. Promote good role models.

  2. Always treat family whose privilege is less as if they were your equals.

  3. Treat others with the same respect as you would family.

  4. Respect others’ agency.

  5. Treat others as thinking beings.

  6. Point out cultural nonsense as it happens.

  7. Support others’ rights and aspirations.

  8. Do all of the above without needing to get credit for it.

To my mind, not a bad set of guidelines for any situation.


This question was asked by JRed and seconded by a number of people in the thread:

What advice do you have for raising a strong woman in today’s world*? Our daughter just turned one, and I want her to grow up to know who she is and what she wants, and to not take crap from anyone. But it’s overwhelming when society seems to have 10,000 conflicting messages about what those qualities even mean for women, much less how to cultivate them. I realize this topic might set you up for the haters, but my husband and I would love your thoughts.  *OK, let’s narrow “the world” to the United States.

I can’t give a recipe for this other than what we’ve done with regard to our own daughter, but inasmuch as I expect that’s what you’re asking, here’s how we’ve done it.

(Disclaimers early: I’m not a perfect parent. Neither is…

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