Greenstar Diary Entry: If It Looks Like Doc…

In the final Greenstar Season 2 crew diary, Doc gives unique perspectives on one of Topik’s major flaws and the possibility of hidden food supplies.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

You remember I said I liked Commander Scalzi’s beard? Well, I finally found time to grow one just like it. Topik suggested it might work better if the rest of me looked like a man too; or at least like a human. But what would an AI know about hairstyles? He hasn’t even got a head.

I tried asking Josie what she thought; she shouted something about a revolution and ran off. I waited but nothing started spinning. Maybe she had too much Bratwurst? I wonder if she stashed any in her cabin? I could take a look on my way back from visiting Gina.

—Doc Kak Mangrove, UFS Greenstar

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