Greenstar Diary Entry: Marc of Trust

For the penultimate day of Greenstar Season 2 release week, we discover Marc is feeling surprisingly cheerful for a man fleeing a battle fleet in a ship that is already full of holes.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

Ever since the battle with the Kalmari, my flight response has been a lot more under control. I guess facing off against an overwhelming enemy like that and coming out intact would help anyone’s confidence. I think it’s the captain as well, though. I don’t think she can do wrong. Every move she makes, every enemy or challenge we go up against, she always has the solution.

I know she’s not Hardtack, of course. Hardtack is fictional. I do think it’s strange that I keep having to remind myself of that, though. Surely she should be less noble than a fictional character? Less smart, less brave?

I’m glad we defrosted her. I’ve served under a lot of commanders, and she’s by far the best.

—Marc Stormfire, UFS Greenstar

Bao Lei wishes he didn’t share Marc’s confidence. Find out more on Simon’s blog.

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