Greenstar Diary Entry: Happiness Officer Cheer Thyself

In today’s Greenstar Season 2 crew diary Gina reveals that happiness officers, like dentists, have difficulty practising on themselves.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

I went to visit Pol in the cells today. He seems repentant. We had a long talk about how he’s been feeling left out for a long time. Of course, he made a pass at me, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t be Pol. Luckily the thick cell door stopped him.

I’m lonely, but not that lonely. I’ve actually noticed everyone seems to be pairing off. Neil is long gone, of course, and he was never my first choice, but I miss having someone to cuddle.

Out of the remaining crew, Pol is out, Bao Lei reeks of smoke and Marc is a too old for me. Doc has shown some interest, asking what my ideal man is, but she’s just too eager. I guess I’d just like a few more options.

I’m not likely to find them on the Greenstar, though. Not while we’re running from Burger Supreme with every human trying to kill or capture us.

—Gina Flabbel, UFS Greenstar

For more on the aftermath of Pol’s crazy scheme check out Simon’s blog.

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