Greenstar Diary Entry: Elijah In An Expansive Mood

Today’s Greenstar Season 2 crew diary features Elijah and a plan to reconfigure part of the ship; but surprisingly little techno-babble.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

Pol had an interesting question for me today. He wondered whether characters could ever leave the holotainment centre and walk around the ship. Of course, they’re confined by the holo field around the centre, but there’s no reason for it being the size of the holotainment centre. I showed him that there are eight little instruments that define the size of the centre and we could move them anywhere we wanted. It would mean rewiring the holotainment computer, of course, but we could do that too.

He thought that if we moved it to one of the larger storage bays, we might be able to create a world that the characters could live in. It’s almost like an oversized dollhouse, but of course I didn’t say that to him. I just showed him the right cables and said that I’d help if he ever wanted to try it.

—Elijah Meyer, UFS Greenstar

Find out some of Pol’s side of the story on Simon’s blog.

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