Greenstar Diary Entry: Josie Muddles Along

Continuing the week of Greenstar Season 2 diary entries, Josie shares her thoughts on alien life and Pol’s hobbies.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

Aliens are baffling. In a lot of television and movies, they look like humans, but every one of them I’ve met have been a random collection of limbs, eyes and pseudopods. Of course, that’s not their fault and I’m sure we appear equally strange to them, but it is difficult to negotiate with something that looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex crossed with a turtle crossed with a slug. I wish I was joking when I said they were probably the least creepy aliens we’ve met.

Being on the run from Burger Supreme has made things more difficult. Before we were confined to the ship, but there was always the chance we could dock somewhere and get some fresh air. Now we can’t show our faces anywhere near human space for fear that someone will blast us and collect the reward.

I walked in on Pol in the holotainment centre yesterday. With weird aliens and killer fleet after us, is it strange that that’s the thing most likely to give me nightmares. I’ve only two words for you: giant teapot, and I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

—Josie Stein, UFS Greenstar

And on Simon’s blog, you can find out a little about the inner turmoil of Lieutenant Brink, the Special‘s science officer.

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