Greenstar Diary Entry: Oddly Does It

In the second diary entry of Greenstar Season 2 release week we join Ensign Oddly Ingensen of the Special‘s science department.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

This will have to be a short entry: Lieutenant Brink needs me to fit a new monitor on docking clamp seven to replace the one Ahashi broke. It’s not even slightly challenging, even if I do only have twenty minutes to do it before we dock at Plankton Station.

Which is a pain, because I really needed something to distract myself. Earth’s been saved from the Kalmari, but now it’s under attack from a mind-control weapon. Typical Greenstar behaviour: swoop in with all these promises then disappear leaving someone else to face the consequences.

On the plus side, now Ahashi’s demoted to mop repair, I’m senior Ensign: so Lieutenant Brink might actually listen to my ideas instead of glaring at me and walking off whenever I make a suggestion.

—Oddly Ingensen, BS Special Sauce

The secret thoughts of Jullien Ferrier, second-in-command on the Special, are revealed on Simon’s blog.

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