Greenstar Diary Entry: Vesta Hartman Hates Being Special

Greenstar Season 2 released today. To begin the celebrations, a diary entry from Captain Vesta Hartman, the Burger Supreme captain with the most reason to catch the Greenstar.

Greenstar Season 2 CoverDear Diary,

The Special’s let me down again. And the crew aren’t helping. If it wasn’t for Jullien, I’d flush the lot of them.

And I just heard over the ChinWag that the Flagellant’s docking right next to us. I’ve no idea which smug idiot’s commanding her now, but there’s no way they’ll miss the chance to rub my face in it. If I’m really unlucky they’ll pretend they see me as an equal. Damn politics: why can’t people just say what they think.

With my luck, they’ll invite themselves over. So, I’d better head out; there’s no way I can avoid them completely, but I’m vegetarian if I’m going to do it without some serious alcohol first.

—Vesta Hartman, BS Special Sauce

Topik’s thoughts on the Greenstar‘s escape from Earth are revealed on Simon’s blog.

Discover how to get Greenstar Season 2 from your favourite retailer here.


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