Space For All

I am fond of fresh perspectives on space opera, and expect a significant proportion of you are too; therefore, you might be interested in Sherwood Smith’s suggestions for space opera from female writers:

I’m so glad to see a female-written space opera getting lots of glitz, and Anne Leckie’s books are well worth the praise.

But like so many other situations, that is one woman getting all the buzz that mostly flows toward male written works. What about all the other women writing interesting space opera? Yet again, they depend on word of mouth, as the publicity machine churns for the new male star…. Read on.

While I don’t subscribe to the theory gender creates theme and style, the effect of gender on experience clearly influences an author’s perspectives. So, I suggest trying these books not because they are written by women but because they have an interesting perspective.

What would be your picks for space operas that don’t get the publicity they deserve?

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