Today is a day of news: first, the intro-pack to Greenstar has finally become free on Amazon; second, I make a guest appearance in Episode 34 of the To Be Read Podcast. More details below the cut.

Greenstar for Free

Many authors have suggested avoiding Google Play because Google heavily discount books, and Amazon price-match down. With Greenstar Season 1, Episodes 1-3 I had the opposite problem: despite listing it for free on Google Play (and many other retailers) and advising Amazon of this, Amazon resolutely kept the book at the lowest price I could list it.

However, whether due to chance or the recent changes in EU VAT regulations altering Amazon’s thoughts on price-matching to free, they accepted my last request that the book be listed for free. So, if you have access to UK or US Amazon marketplaces, you can now get the first three episodes for free:

Minimum Standards for Finishing Books

In any given year, I am likely to finish more than 150 books, across several genres. So the fine people at To Be Read Podcast invited me on to talk about whether reading more books required lower standards, and whether standards varied between genres.

My experience is that books are measured on more than one criteria: technical quality, prose style, interesting ideas, &c. So, the prose quality I might accept from an innovative take on vampires is lower than that for a realistic story about fisherman on the Maine Coast; but the overall need for a book to have something worth reading remains.

Do you stop reading if a book has any flaws at all? Do you have different criteria for different genres?

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