Out With The Old, On With the Plan

Today is the start of etcetera… and other motivational phrases. With 2014 over, I am no longer pursuing the target of one million words written. But I am not adrift without targets.

As I have said before, my ideal target isn’t a pure word-count: editing, redrafting, proofing, and formatting are at least as valuable as factors in the overall goal of producing a professional book. So much of last year was a struggle between the best task to get work published and the task that would increase my word-count.

This came to a head with the release of Greenstar Complete Season One and State in October and November. While my update posts stopped, I did continue to count words; I just stopped measuring, recording daily, and analysing each possible trend. Not chasing a daily word count meant the high days were swallowed by the other days.

That said, when I went back to calculate my total for the year, I discovered that I wrote over 890,000 words last year.

This year’s target is to turn at least some of the work into published books.

And of course release more Greenstar.

4 thoughts on “Out With The Old, On With the Plan

    1. Thank you.

      That does include the books I finished last year and a number of articles I wrote, so some of it is already published.

      But it does leave me in a pleasing position for the start of this year nevertheless.


  1. That is a considerable word count! Having said that, I didn’t spend much time getting words down last year, but spent my ‘writing time’ mostly doing editing, as well as a bit of formatting.

    It means you’ve got heaps to work with this year, which can’t be a bad thing 🙂


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