It’s No Longer a Mystery to You…

…The sharing commences.

A couple of months ago, Garrett Robinson started sharing videos of him playing games, which took me back many years to evenings spent sitting in friend’s flats drinking coffee and watching along with someone’s attempt to defeat the latest game. So I decided to start sharing some of my own.

I have never been a hardcore player, so I enjoyed the story and the company more than beating the games; which meant I didn’t pay much attention to people posting gameplay.

However – unlike many of the gameplay videos – Garrett is, by his own admission, not the best player ever. Combined with his not-to-serious narration, this made his videos a reasonable way of taking a short break between tasks.

Last week, he started broadcasting Dishonored, a game I had received as a gift but not yet installed. A few minutes into the first video I was struck by two thoughts: I didn’t want to spoil my first play-through by knowing what was going to happen, and other people might be interested in my games.

So, when I have time to play, I am recording my games in case anyone feels like watching a play-thorough that isn’t about the most 133t victory. The first episode is above.

As a side-effect, I am also getting practice with basic video editing.


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