Creating Personal Space

Una fully supports my career as an author; sometimes she even helps me type. However, I assumed her preference was based on authorship being an endeavour mostly done while seated at a desk, maximising the opportunity for gathering attention. However, I have discovered another, more cunning, reason: Createspace’s ambivalence on packaging.

A little while ago I received two author copies from Createspace. Unlike Amazon’s range of retail packaging, Createspace use standard cardboard boxes; so, as usual, the box was considerably larger than the books within. To prevent them shifting around in transit, the remaining space was filled with large strips of brown paper. I unpacked the books and put the box and paper beside my desk to deal with later.

While I was out at the shops, the paper was dragged across the floor and thoroughly rummaged. Over the next day or so, the strips moved around the room.

Una in a Createspace Box
“You did say I was the best present ever.”
(© Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

A few days later, I vacuumed the floor. I scooped all the paper back into the box for ease of carrying, cleaned the living room, and then put the box in the middle of the floor while I cleaned the front hall. When I returned, the box had been retasked as a cat bed.

So, apparently I need to keep publishing, because every time I publish another book another box of scrunchy cat toys arrives a few weeks later.

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