Seek Out the Alien Within

One of the best things about writing Greenstar is having the freedom to design amusing, scary, or just plain odd aliens, and Simon and I thought you might enjoy it too. So we are holding a competition to design an alien for Season Three. Read on for more details, and a photograph of me being unnecessarily dramatic.

To submit your idea for an alien, fill in the form at the bottom of the competition page.

Poster of a Space Soldier with Alien Hunting Text
New ‘Threats to Humanity’ Toys Now Available in Cheery Meals Across the Galaxy!
(©Dave Higgins)

We don’t want to limit your creativity, so don’t worry your idea will be too silly, scary, or weird; however, we don’t want hate speech and hardcore swearing, so keep it clean.

Submissions close on 2nd January. Once we have all the entries, Simon and I will pick our five favourites and put them up for a public vote.

Detailed rules and all the prizes are here.


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