Greenstar Approaches the Edge of the System

Today is the last day of the Greenstar release celebration. Here’s a recap of the deals and content we saw as the Greenstar rose majestically yet ecologically into the skies.

Greenstar Complete Season 1 Expanded Edition

In addition to all ten episodes, the Expanded Edition features an exclusive short story and all the Season 1 crew diaries. Available in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF For the same price as just the full season.

Pick up your copy here.

Limited Edition Bookplates

Review Greenstar Complete Season 1, tell us about it here, and you could get a signed, limited edition bookplate.

I have already sent the first batch of book plates to their new owners, so don’t delay.

Diary Entries

Joining the Greenstar:

PolTopikMarcBao LeiReyna

During Season 1:

JosieConnorElijahGinaDocBao LeiPol

All the diary entries are also included in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF in the Expanded Edition on Gumroad, for the same price as just the season on other distributors.

Greenstar Game Book

Think you can do better than Josie? Wonder how much worse it could be? Or want more of Topik’s snide comments on human ineptitude?

Episode 6 is available as a ‘Choose Your Own Death’ Episode. Equal parts homage to, and joke about, Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure Game Book, it features the same Greenstar humour but little chance of survival.

Get your free copy here.

Subscriber Content

Looking for even more Greenstar content? The welcome pack for Higgins & Cantan mailing list subscribers includes ‘Rescuing Bao Lei’, a short story revealing what happens after ‘Shore Leave’.


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