Greenstar Diary Entry: Reyna Reaches for the Stars

Day six of Greenstar extra content week dawns with Reyna Gaspar’s escape from a farming planet to the excitement of space.

Dear Diary,

Well I’ve done it. I’ve got off Earth_69_AwesomeName. And not just an admin job at the repair yard like Papa suggested when I said I wanted to be more than a farmer’s wife. I’m Optimism Officer on a space ship.

Manny who cleans the space elevator laughed at me when I told him I was joining the Greenstar, but he’s clearly jealous. Captain Andreasen is fatter than Mr Rodriguez, and Mr Rodriguez is the most successful farmer on the planet. So the Union of Friendly Stars must be even bigger than Captain Andreasen hinted.

I met the last Optimism Officer yesterday and he told me the job would probably kill me. I haven’t even started and I know that isn’t optimistic, so I just know I’ll be great at this job once I get some practice.

And Captain Andreasen must think so too. When I told him the thing I hated most about granbestia farming was trying to stop them continuing in a straight line all the time he said I’d fit right in. And he’s asked me to call him Pol.

Have to go, he wants me to come to his cabin for a welcome on board drink.

—Reyna Gaspar, UFS Greenstar

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