Greenstar Diaries: Bao Lei Park Joins the Crew

Our voyage through Greenstar extra content continues with Bao Lei Park’s worry he isn’t be pessimistic enough to be a good pessimism officer.

Greenstar Complete Season 1 CoverDear Diary,

I’ve been on the ship for nearly a week now, and Topik has been constantly polite to me, so he clearly thinks whatever I am doing is going to get the crew killed.

I still don’t have symptoms of any alien diseases, which probably means I have something really subtle.

Too much? It’s just so hard to get the level of pessimism right. Yesterday, Captain Andreasen asked me to pass the scrambled eggs and I just froze: was I supposed to suggest too much cholesterol was bad or tell him they were probably made from the young of a vengeful race? While I was still thinking I realised I’d eaten some eggs already.

Fortunately he reached across the table to get them himself while I was thinking, so I was able to tell him having toast stuck to your chest was probably a deadly insult in some cultures.

Doc suggested I try smoking something for the nerves and said she was happy to share her stock, but the previous Pessimism Officer left half a packet of cigarettes when he left so I told her it was fine.

I tried one this morning and they do make me feel less calm, so I must get her a thank you gift.

—Bao Lei Park, UFS Greenstar

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Want more Greenstar? Find details of how to get the first three episodes free here.


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