Greenstar Diary: Marc Stormfire Joins the Crew

Day four of Greenstar extra content week, is a diary entry from Sergeant Marc Stormfire, the hero of Corvus. Revealing even heroes can want a quiet life.

Greenstar Complete Season 1 CoverDear Diary,

I might have found the perfect job: security officer for an organisation that believes in negotiation instead of violence. I can still get all the free drinks for being a hero, but no one will expect me to lead any glorious charges. I might even get some commiseration drinks for not having to face horrible peril all the time.

And the Greenstar, the ship I’m going to be serving on, looks perfect. If they ever got into trouble they would use more than rattan and cardboard to repair the bulkheads.

I was slightly worried I might still need to fight, until Captain Andreasen apologised that the job would be mostly to make up the numbers when he visits aliens so people don’t think he’s small fry; the Greenstar doesn’t even have offensive weapons.

And, I asked the AI about how things had gone: apparently most of the aliens don’t have space flight, so if the ship does get attacked we can just fly away.

—Sergeant Marc Stormfire, UFS Greenstar

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And pick up the first three episodes for free.


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