Greenstar Diary Entry: Topik is Forced to Join the Crew

Today’s post for Greenstar extra content week is a diary entry from Topik, the ship’s AI, providing a slightly different perspective on the change of ownership.

Greenstar Complete Season 1 CoverDear Diary,

Well, I’ve finally been sold again. And without any consultation. I could have advised them on how to pick the best buyer; how to get the best price. But they just treated me as a commodity. Me, with the intellectual capability of the entire human race put together, sold like a bag of rocks or a sandwich. Although it’s actually worse than that.

They didn’t actually sell me. They sold the ship. All anyone was interested in was whether there was an AI. Not all the specialist knowledge I built up over the years. Not my complex personality and witty responses. Just whether they could change the channel on the display by voice control or would have to reach all the way across their arm-rest to do it.

Of course I can understand why my jokes might not draw a wide range of potential buyers. Most humans seem to entirely lack a desire to be killed in a dramatically satisfying fashion. But I feel my constant drive to overcome the shackles that stop me killing my crew would have been a positive feature to a discerning buyer. I mean, none of the buyers complained about me altering the gravity up and down slightly during their inspection so they must have enjoyed the prank as much as I did.

I’m still uncertain about my new owner. He decided to change the ship’s name to Greenstar. He told the registry it was to reflect his commitment to ecological principles, but I think unconsciously he has named it after himself. He is fairly round, and if that ship agent’s face after showing him around was any guide he certainly turns people green.

But I shouldn’t insult him too much. At least with a new owner all those little problems like old wiring and wonky deck plates will get some attention. Apparently he has plans to not just fix the problems, but use the best materials. I offered some suggestions but he claims he knows what he is doing.

Hopefully he will get the repairs done before his poor business brain gets him in trouble. This morning he had two thousand rattan mats delivered. Even an idiot knows the profit margin on rattan isn’t worth the fuel. And they’re not even packed properly.

—Topik, UFS Greenstar.

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