Greenstar Diary Entry: Pol Andreasen Buys Greenstar

As promised, extra Greenstar content. To start you off, we have a diary entry from Captain Pol Andreasen written shortly after he bought the ship:

Greenstar Complete Season 1 CoverDear Diary,

The bots have just finished repainting the registry markings. Goodbye ‘Ultimate Dragonsbreath of Glarg’. Hello ‘Greenstar’. Don’t know why changing the name bothers people so much: “You can’t throw away all those years of history!”, “What about all the battles it fought in?”, “You have to pay a fee to update the register of craft.”

As if anyone sensible wants to turn up and have people’s first thought be warship. Not that I’m against fighting, it’s just so exhausting. I prefer to save my energy for romantic meals. Speaking of which, it’s a real shame the sale’s agent came down with the flu. Still plenty more stars in the sky.

And plenty more crew applications to assess. Obviously, Felipe gets a spot, but I still need some bridge officers. Maybe I should include a physical?

Goodbye, selfish and autocratic government; hello, friendly stars.

Hey, that’s really good. Maybe I should use that for the name of the company.

The Union against Selfish Autocratic Government.

Has a real ring to it. And a rebel always goes down well with the ladies.

—Pol Andreasen, UFS Greenstar.

Want more Greenstar? Find details of all the ways to get the first three episodes free here.


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