A Quiet Disruption

After a small amount of struggling with colour reproduction for the cover, An Unquiet Calm is now available as a paperback.

An Unquiet Calm Print Cover
Paperback Cover

Copies are available from Amazon or direct from Createspace:

Amazon  CreateSpace

When I first uploaded the cover to Createspace several warning about transparency and critical elements within the bleed were raised.

As the image was both flat and had no text in the bleed, this puzzled me. So I remade the cover to make certain and resubmitted. Same warnings.

I spent several days measuring and flattening the file to make certain and couldn’t find anything. Then I discovered a very old thread raising a bug with the Createspace automated checks: if a file isn’t PDF 1a compatible, they sometimes misread dimensions or transparency.

As soon as I opened my PDF creator I realised compatibility had somehow been turned off.

Once I set compatibility, everything worked perfectly.


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Disruption

  1. Did you not put the title on the spine? Or is that your original without the title added? I don’t like books without a title on the spine–I can’t tell what they are quickly when I am looking through a lot of books.


    1. The Createspace bleed on spines is very wide, so they won’t accept text on spines if your book is under 101 pages and don’t really allow space for clear text under 130ish.

      I could probably have reset the interior with a title page for each story, wider leading between paragraphs, and so forth, to push it over the threshold. However, the base cost starts rising from 108 pages up, so it would be a very tricky fiddle to get spine text that was readable far enough away to be worth doing without making it much more expensive.

      And resetting to boost page count risks making the text less pleasing to the eye.

      So, I decided spine text was the least worst sacrifice.


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