Magpie Tales: Magpie and the Apple Tree by Neil Murton

Magpie Tales: Magpie and the Apple Tree (Magpie Tales #3) by Neil MurtonEver tried to write an enthralling, thought-provoking, or even just workable story using exactly 100 words? Then you will know how impressive it is this is Murton’s third collection of them.

After writing two other forewords, Murton has little to add about his stories. Instead, he challenges to the reader to write their own using the same rules he did.

In that spirit, I will endeavour to review the collection in exactly 100 words.

It is excellent.

For a traditional perspective, my reviews of the previous collections are here and here.

I received a free copy for a fair review.



Exactly 100 words above the line. Only 149 more to go to equal Murton’s collections. And another 50 odd to match the ones that are on his web-site.

Unless you subscribe to the theory a picture is worth a thousand words…. But then, that would put me over before I started; so we won’t so subscribe.


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