A Spectacle Found

My computer is experiencing some difficulties, so not feeling either political or humorous today. Instead, a most joyous thing:

Any parallel between the hare’s spectacles and my computer is entirely coincidental.


4 thoughts on “A Spectacle Found

    1. Original or Remake?

      The original might be my favourite film: I used to own three copies, until my wife and I rationalised our film collection; now I only own two. 🙂

      This video makes me think of many things: Winnie the Pooh, the standing stone scene from Spinal Tap, Svankmejer’s Alice.


      1. Oh, original. I haven’t seen the Nicolas Cage remake just on principle. The original is a great movie. I showed it to my kids and they describe it as, “The movie with all the weirdos in it.” 🙂


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