Million Word Challenge – July

As usual the first post of the month is an update on the Million Words Challenge. And, as predicted, I fell behind. However, I had a pleasant holiday and Una became even more socialised.

My target for July was 53,100 words, which I did exceed comfortably with a final total of 71,770 words; but my daily mean was only 2315 words, some distance below what I needed to stay level.

However, as I took an entire week off and still blasted past my target, I am declaring it another successful month.

Taking an entirely unscientific approach of assuming I will maintain my current mean for the entire year, I will produce 936,500 words in the entire year. Which would, even more unscientifically, treat Yule as equivalent to both my week off in July and my slow build-up in January. So I feel comfortable not pushing myself harder than my current targets in August.

Una glaring from an armchair
Fuss me from a distance, human
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

Probably of more interest to you (and in truth me), is Una’s alteration in sleeping habits.

Many months ago, we removed the problem of Jasper and Una meowing loudly for breakfast outside our bedroom by not shutting them out of the room at night. A few months later, Jasper took to spending some time here and there curled up on the bed next to my wife between racing around the living room with Una and sleeping in other places.

Last month Una decided to experiment with curling up on the bed every night too. As they do many things together, this meant they both spent more time on the bed while we were in it.

However – where Jasper is quite placid once he has settled – Una doesn’t like what-, or who-, ever she is sleeping on to be disturbed. So she tended to wander off once we were deep enough asleep to shift around.

Last week she found a solution. Instead of curling up in the small of my back, at the foot of the bed, or on our legs, she curled up on the top of my wife’s pillow.

So every evening she hops up onto the bed, has a wander around to see if we want to play, and then curls up on my wife’s pillow. Some nights Una also expands outwards, moving my wife slowly off the pillow to ensure she is not disturbed.

Her dedication to the pillow is such that when I finally managed to put a monthly dose of flea medicine on the back of her neck at 10:30 last night she ran away and hid always with her neck facing away, fleeing from place to place as we approached her current hiding place on our way to bed, until we were in bed. Then she bounced onto the bed, wandered around a little, and curled up on the pillow in easy reach.


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