Any Gender Is a Drag

Amazon have decided I am not an agent of the patriarchy.

As anyone who has tried to list their book in particular categories on Amazon knows, it is not a simple matter of telling them which to use. I have therefore over the several months since An Unquiet Calm was released made tweaks based on both Amazon’s own support files and third-party articles. Each time this has made the listing slightly more accurate.

However, today I noticed a slight anomaly. The automatically derived additional categories on Amazon UK have decided I am female.

An Unquiet Calm listed in Women Writers
(Screen capture taken 30th July 2014)

My only conclusion is Amazon’s automated error checker detected little enough masculine bias in my prose that it assumed I was a woman. That the rather obvious beard in my author photograph is in fact a “beard” designed to overcome any reader bias towards male authors.

Or, both more prosaically and depressingly, there is a strong gender assumption about one of the keywords I selected.

Do you have any interesting tales about getting your book into the right categories? Have you discovered a book in a surprising list?


6 thoughts on “Any Gender Is a Drag

  1. A lot of people seem to think that I am female based on my name. Evidently my nigh-epic muttonchops are not enough to overcome having a name that ends is “isha”.

    I need to look over my categories again. I have done no real marketing in several months, but I am planning on doing another push when I am done with Worms Of Heaven.


    1. I am fairly certain Amazon change the parameters periodically: despite me following their own list of criteria, UC still isn’t in all the categories I intended.

      Even more OCD-tweakingly, it is currently in Horror and Short Stories but not Horror>Short Stories.


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