Three Things Anent Which I Do Not Write, and the Converse Thereof

Neil Murton, long-time friend, author, and cultist of Magpie, tagged me in the Three Things I Don’t Write About and Three Things I Do Blog Hop. Which I thought rather convenient, because after a week’s holiday I hadn’t done anything to post about today. Unfortunately, the question turned out to be a real head-scratcher.

Neil already highlighted the difficulty for someone who generally writes the story not the genre: there is not much I haven’t either written or would be happy to write, especially as I like to experiment with new things occasionally to find out if I like them.

After letting it mull in my unconscious over my stay-cation, I thought I had found three things. Then I remembered I had read my Herodotus: each creation creates its opposite; by including something in this post as something I would not write about, I am writing about how I would not write about it, so am writing about it.

Fortunately, I found a solution:




Picking three things I do write about was considerably easier:

  1. Lovecraftian Horror: the first short story I wrote that I was still happy with when I came back to it years later was about a FBI investigation of mysterious disappearances similar to those from August Derleths’s ‘Whisperer in Darkness’. Since then I have come back to the idea of ancient powers half-sleeping next to common perception repeatedly, and am currently mulling ideas for a Mythos collection when I finish a current project.

  2. Very British English: After attending public school, and studying and practising law for decades, I was aware that I wrote in a more formal style than some; however, now I have seen the external edits on Greenstar Episode 1 I have discovered I use grammatical and syntactic structures that no longer exist outside of very traditional British English.

  3. Comedy: I have had a wry wit for many decades, but discovered while working on Greenstar I can also make a reasonable bash at other areas of humour. I am however, still holding out against Simon’s inclination to single entendré.

I am supposed to have tagged people to follow me. Instead, having been extremely lawyerly earlier in the post, I am cocking a snook to ‘should’ and leaving it up to readers whether they use the theme for a post or not.

Do you know what was deeper beneath the Curwen Farm? Are night gaunts the only thing to be funny in both senses?


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