Tidings Told in Their Midst

As a gesture of respect to Odin the great communicator, whose day Wednesday is, today’s post will cover two new ways of communicating with your humble author (i.e. me.): Goodreads’ Ask the Author and a mailing list.

First, Goodreads have introduced a new Ask the Author feature. And I am part of it. So if you have questions that don’t fit a blog post, or that you prefer to ask on Goodreads, now you can.

Higgins Cantan Logo 1

Second, both Simon and I want to give our readers access to Greenstar and all our other projects as soon as they come out. So we have created a joint mailing list to notify you of all our new releases, both collaborations and solo projects.

We will also reveal details of discounts and competitions. For example, for the first week after release, our collaborations will be available with at least 50% off the regular price through some distributors.

We don’t want to clutter up people’s inboxes. So, you will still need to visit Davetopia for my thoughts on life and pictures of cats.

But if you want to know about new books, competitions, appearances, and other important news, sign up here.


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