Million Words Challenge – June

Half of the Million Words Challenge is over, and I am still behind. June was not as productive a month for writing so I have not really caught up; but more importantly, I have not dropped any further behind. Which might not be true of July.

My target for June was to exceed 63,150 words. Which I comfortably managed, writing 82,514 words, for a mean average of 2,750 words/day; higher (by a smidgen) than the 2740 needed to stay level.

Normally, I would be analysing June to see whether I wanted to adjust my monthly targets; however, my wife has a week off later in July, which we are planning to spend taking day trips and relaxing, so I already know I am very unlikely to write much that week.

So, my decision is between pushing harder on the normal days and not.

Looking at my performance over the first six months, my productivity seems to come from either days when I slog to the target or days when I hit a grove and power past the target without any pattern.

Therefore, I can’t guarantee I can beat my current weekday target of 2,750 words consistently without having to work more hours or defer tasks; the first of which will merely be moving my free time from a little every day to our holiday; and, the second of which risks turning our holiday into a holiday with a few days cleaning and such.

So, I have decided, as writing is a proper job, I will award myself some days off.

In another parallel with working nine-to-five, the time before and after our holiday will probably be more work-filled anyway as I seek to either finish a stage of my collaborations with Simon before or defer it until after.


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