Greenstar Shakedown Cruise

Greenstar, Simon Cantan and I’s comedic take on classic 80’s science-fiction shows, is proceeding well: we have the first six episodes drafted, and are also working on a Greenstar ‘Choose Your Own Death’ game book. We are planning to publish late Autumn 2014, but in the mean time, we’re looking for feedback from potential readers. So we are making drafts of the first three episodes available for open beta.

Greenstar Draft CoverScroll down for links to the files, or take a moment to read the teaser:

Normally, freezing to death in deep space is pretty permanent. But Engineer Josie Stein just woke up a thousand years in the future, aboard the U.F.S. Greenstar, a recycled spaceship on a mission to stop the self-destructive aliens of the galaxy from wiping themselves out.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s immediately elected captain. The last captain’s success rate was one hundred and sixty-seven alien species extinct to zero saved, so she can’t really do any worse. But how can she deal with aliens when she can no longer understand her own species?

To download your format of choice, simply right-click and save as:

  • Mobi

  • ePub

  • PDF

  • Burger Supreme™ Full-Immersion Holotainment Package (not available in your current temporal location)

So you can give your opinions as easily as possible, without having to worry about our feelings, we have created an anonymous seven question survey:

All feedback, good or bad, helps.

Thank you in advance for helping us make the best series possible.


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