A Tranquil Excitement

An Unquiet Calm has gone live on more distributors. Some of them with greater ease than others.

An Unquiet Calm Cover

The collection is now live on Google Books and Google Play in both the United Kingdom and United States.

Unsurprisingly for Google, they have a web-form where many other online distributors still require hard copy, and accept electronic signatures. So claiming tax exemption under international treaties was easy.

However – despite the distribution being set to worldwide, and the prices for other territories being listed on my dashboard – the collections has not gone live worldwide. And, unexpectedly for a company that makes search engines, I cannot find a more detailed answer than changes can take time to appear.

I am also experimenting with the slightly edgier approach of crowd-pricing: a distribution method where the price of a book changes depending on how many people download it, what rating they give it, and other factors.

The collection has been on Scribl for a few days and has already risen to US$0.25.

I uploaded to Screwpulp last night, so it is too early to judge how that is going.

Both sites pay by PayPal so are even easier to get set up.

However, like all new things, there is a strong temptation to look several times a day to see if there has been enough interest to change the price. Fortunately, if my reaction to Amazon reports is a suitable guide, this tug will fade in a few days.

Do you want more detail on crowd-pricing? Is An Unquiet Calm still missing from your preferred retailer?


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