Million Word Challenge – May

The fifth month of my Million Word Challenge is over, and – despite the issues I anticipated – May has proved to be the most productive month so far.

As well as containing my wedding anniversary, May also contains my wife’s birthday and was the first month after she finished her latest professional exams.

Although we weren’t planning a huge celebration of either my wife’s birthday or our anniversary, I wasn’t intending to spend a chunk of the evening writing either. So, I anticipated losing half a day to each between preparing supper and not working as soon as my wife was home.

But the real issue was deferred commitments. On the middle two weekends, we went to the Vikings: life and legend exhibition in London with my mother and to see our nephew respectively. So, as in fact happened, two of the days I might have exceeded my target in other months produced nothing.

However, I managed to beat my target significantly every day for the last week of May.

At the end of the month I had produced 91,942 words against a target of 63,750 words. Which produces a mean average of 2,966 words/day. Therefore, I have exceeded the average needed to stay level for the second month running.

Looking at the detailed figures, the majority of the extra words seem to have been written either on two really productive Saturdays or during the week my wife was away on Brownie camp.

Therefore, because it was another odd month, I have decided to keep my targets the same for June.


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