The Nitty Gritty of Self Editing a Draft

On Monday I made a guest appearance on Simon Cantan’s Nitty Gritty of Writing a Novel series. Hopefully you will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it:

What I left out was my Step Zero: read hundreds of books every year across every genre while training and working as a lawyer for decades, to develop a feeling for the flow of language.

I suspect the lawyering can be replaced with any other job or hobby that contains a language component. If anyone does have a working short-cut for experience, then let me know.

I recommend watching the entire series to see how Simon’s process fits together.

Or, if you have a specific issue, dip in:

I know Simon has more videos in the works. If you ask him nicely some of them might even contain me.

I strongly believe ideas and processes are made better by discussion, so let us know what works (or doesn’t) for you.

Does this make everything suddenly seem easier? Do you disagree utterly with my approach?


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