Where Were New World Order When The New World Order Came?

John Scalzi posted an interesting article today suggesting the 80’s really were a different time.

At the centre of his thesis is the video for Duran Duran’s Wild Boys, which he claims makes little sense. However, to a mind freed of constraint, the sense is all too clear.

The video is obviously an attempt to expand and gloss the song’s message. The clearest evidence the song has a message is in the second verse: “And your telephone been ringing while you’re dancing in the rain.”

Those of us who lived through the 80’s will remember that mobile telephones were about 1kg (the equivalent of a bag of sugar), tetchy, and quite expensive. No one would be dancing with one, let alone doing it in the rain.

However, if we fast forward to the today, the idea of dancing in the rain with your phone does not seem unusual.

Wild Boys is clearly a prophecy. A warning of the “sore afraid new world” that they foresaw.

Unlike Nostradamus they were not confined to writing quatrains in an attempt to capture the dread images, they could show them in glorious Technicolor™.

One million dollars doesn’t seem so extravagant when you realise the video is possibly our only warning of the coming Apocalypse.

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