Europeans All The Way Down

The UK Independence Party have released a series of advertisements based on their statistic that 75% of United Kingdom law is made in Europe. Leaving aside the fact the UK is geographically in Europe, so 100% of UK law is made in Europe, they are very late to the party. Britain has been ruled almost from the beginning by Europe.

Up until the middle of the Twentieth Century, the House of Windsor was the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: so the legitimacy of our current government stems not from a Briton but from a German.

Some European apologists might argue a constitutional monarch has no actual power. They might be right. However, they cannot raise the same argument about the power of William the Conqueror. Or William of Orange. Even before constitutional monarchy we were ruled by the French, Germans, Danish, and monarchs from other European countries. Many of our oldest and most just legal principles (such as trial by jury) are tainted by the foulness that is being invented somewhere else.

Going back still further, Alfred the Great (seen by many to be the greatest of Britons) gave away large areas of the country to Europe: the Danelaw created an area in Britain where British law did not apply at all; a situation much more extreme than the 75% slant UKIP say is current.

So, if anything, we are improving.

This is of course satire.

However, there are two, more serious, thoughts within. If so many of our laws were imported from Scandinavia, France, and other countries, what would a Britain using only British laws look like? And if we accept – as I do – that those ancient “foreign” laws can be just, why is being ruled by Europe a problem now?

Fundamentally we are all human: the differences in our cultures are minor compared to our need for air, water, food; our physical structure and limitations. Why does it matter whether we are ruled entirely by people who have not been foreign for a few centuries rather than a collection of people some of who still are?

The question is not whether a politician is pro-Europe, the question is whether they are pro-human.

One thought on “Europeans All The Way Down

  1. Reblogged this on Simon Cantan and commented:
    Dave raises excellent points here. Shouldn’t the English be happy that the Magna Carta is the basis for all modern democracies and that Europeans just want to return the favour with their own ideas?


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