HIGH by Corey M.P.

HIGH by Corey M.P.Although it is not the core of the narrative, this romance contains a very realistic portrayal of a highly caffeinated lifestyle.

Sonja Fines works for an advertising agency in Manhattan. Years of doing her boss’ job as well as her own, have left her with good prospects of promotion, insomnia, and a gap where she used to have outside interests. Finally succumbing to the stress, her daily journey to work becomes first a trip to Montreal, then a weekend touring Montreal with Chad, a stranger she meets in a coffee shop.

Although the plot is the standard girl meets boy, girl fancies boy, girl and boy are separated, the descriptions and events give it a solid wrapping of both uniqueness and reality.

The use of minor supporting characters to stimulate and counterpoint inner narrative is particularly successful.

However – while Sonja’s conflict between following her heart and her head at the core – there is a certain amount of obstacles being resolved by pure chance, weakening the feeling that her internal struggle is key to a pleasant outcome.

This is especially clear in the consequences of Sonja’s decision to go to Montreal rather than work. Although there are occasional references to this not being great for her career, they are only in passing. Ultimately, with no time spent on establishing the downside, the reader has no feeling that honouring commitments might be worth considering.

As with the plot, Sonja is at her core a classic of modern romance: a young woman who has mislaid her joi de vivre somewhere on the path to career success. However, she has also received the same skilled tuning, creating a character the reader can identify with but not perfectly predict.

Rather than follow the common romantic style of having both lovers as point-of-view characters, all the narration is from Sonja’s viewpoint. So the reader is provided only with the evidence she notices. Although it never feels as if they will not ultimately end up together, this makes Chad more engaging as the reader does not know his true motivations or which of them will need to change to reach the happy ending.

I did not dislike this book; however, I found the message that if you just do what you want it will all work out fine to be a little saccharine. I recommend it for readers seeking modern light romance.


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