Million Words Challenge – February and More Battling

After a second month of the Million Words Challenge, my writing pace is still progressing. And I have still had time to take part in another Legendary Author Battle.

With my revised daily targets and a shorter month, I was aiming for at least 49,000 words in February. Despite February being shorter than January, I actually managed to produce a significantly higher 72,678 words. Still not hitting the mean average of 2,740 words, but a very successful month.

Drilling down into the detail, my success was focussed around several days of significant work, so only some goals are changing:

  • Weekdays: Thirteen days were above 2,500 and seven were above 3,000, so I have increased my daily target to 2,500.

  • Weekends: The figures were more extreme here: on two days I wrote about 3,000 words; but on most days I only just reached my target of 500 words, and even failed on one day. The days I was very successful were both weekends my wife was away, so were close to weekdays. Therefore, I have decided to stick with a target of 500 words.

  • Carrying Forward: On many of the least successful days I put in another writing session to hit the target, so I am keeping this as is to avoid the good days being eclipsed by the average ones.

As a reward for paying attention to the boring statistics, have a Legendary Battle over the fate of a nation. Featuring myself and the talented Simon Cantan:

This was possibly my hardest battle yet. Not because Simon was especially devious – although he was – but because the hero stands for the short-sighted, divisive politics I believe we need to move beyond. Fortunately, Simon was more than happy to join me in satirising both Gulp and the aliens almost militant pacifism. Whether I succeeded in making it comedy rather than polemic, I leave to the audience.

If you are enjoying the Author Battles, then why not give one a go? You don’t have to be a published author, and Simon is even happy to record your half for you if you don’t have the time or desire. So all you need is a few minutes here and there to write your half of the battle.

Did you enjoy the battle? Any of you have the typing fingers to face me?


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