Extract from Fauxpocalypse

Editing on Fauxpocalypse is proceeding apace, and I expect to have the final comments on my second story soon. The provisional release date remains 19th October 2013, so you will have to wait a few weeks more to read it. However, to whet your appetites, here is an extract of my first story, Thieves in the Night.

Fauxpocalypse is a shared world compilation, set in a universe where a massive comet was predicted to strike the Earth, annihilating all life. Mere hours before impact the comet began to break up, leaving humanity to cope with the unexpected tomorrow.

But not everyone had accepted the world was going to end.

Gibbons Farm, Yorkshire, England

Jason cracked his eyes and rolled over. Morning had broken and the world had not. Reverend Forbes had been right. He wondered if anyone would admit to being surprised. Either way, the world had not ended, so it was time for chores. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he started his morning ritual of picking straw from his hair. There were not enough beds for everyone, and it made sense for the less able to get those there were, but calling a giant sack of straw a mattress did not make it any cleaner or more comfortable.

He dragged himself into a pair of overalls; again an entirely practical option he had to admit, but, even after weeks of living on the farm, he still felt odd not pulling on a suit. At least they still had his favourite toothpaste.

Heading for the meeting space, he passed several members of the community just standing, in groups or alone, smiling up at the sky. Not everyone seemed relaxed though; Rob, Christine, and one of the latest arrivals, Barry or something similar, were deep in conversation, and, from their faces, they found the lack of apocalypse as unexpected as Jason did. It felt good to know he was not alone in doubting.

Porridge for breakfast, the same as every day. His digestion was probably having a party, but his heart still wanted a pastry and a good espresso. On the bright side, society would start coming together again, so someone would start baking luxuries again. It might be tedious, but the energy would be necessary. Ho hum, ho hum, it’s off to work we come, he thought, collecting a pick from the pile and heading out.


He stopped, and turned to face Uncle Frank. Well, Uncle-in-law. “Morning.”

“Come and help me take a look at the transmission on the tractor.”

Jason felt a cold flush run down his back. “I’m supposed to be helping break up the ground in the lower fields.”

“Fields have been there since forever. They’ll still be there later.”

“I’m not mechanical. Maybe-“

“Just need someone to pass tools while I’m under.”

Jason took a deep breath. He could do this. “Sure. All I need for that is hands.”


More updates to follow in the next few weeks.

Is there anything you want to know about the project? Let me know in the comments.


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