The Continuation of the World is Nigh

This morning I received an email with estimated release dates for both the e-book and paper copies of The Fauxpocalypse Project, and a mock-up of the front cover. So, publication looms.

Fauxpocalypse is a collection of short stories in a shared universe where a massive comet on a course for Earth, predicted to exceed the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, instead breaks up before reaching the atmosphere.

…Imagine a world facing immanent destruction. The end has been written, the scientists have confirmed it, the politicians have made their tearful speeches to their constituents, the panic, the rage, the fear, the madness, the waiting for the end. And the end doesn’t come.

– Fauxpocalypse Call for Submissions

Two of those stories were written by me.

There is still some final editing and formatting to be done; however, we are on track to release the e-book on 19 October 2013, with paper copies shipping the following week.

Fauxpocalypse Cover
Mock-up of Front Cover
(©Bold Fortune Press)

Although I am clearly biased, I feel a medieval print of terror is makes a great cover. For me it captures how modern technology is only a veneer over our basic natures; when we face the end of the world we are no less prone to panic than our ancestors.

As I have finally (after spending most of last week elbow-deep in electric blood) returned my computer to a state where I can use yWriter, and can therefore start writing again, this news has come at a great time. However, I do not think it has quite sunk in yet that people will be able to buy a copy in slightly over a month.

Further updates on progress, and how you can obtain a copy will follow.


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