Adequate Representation

Many folk magic traditions use representations of people as place-holders for the real thing. While science and anthropology sometimes suggest that this works purely through the power of suggestion, I will present today startling evidence that a representation of a person can display that person’s traits.

Several years ago I adapted a teddy-bear to look like me, as an anniversary present for my wife. As with her previous trips away from home, she took him with her on her recent trip to Mexico.

Regular readers will already know Una likes to be floppy on top of, or next to, me. However, I now have evidence the soft-toy me has the same effect on cats: Nieve, the cat at Our Cabaña, becomes floppy next to the bear.

Dave Bear at Our Cabaña
Our Cabaña, Mexico
(©Nicola Higgins)

Those who have closed their minds to the possibilities will dismiss this photograph as a trick of the light, or even suggest it has been edited so skilfully it seems real. They may argue there is no evidence Nieve would have fled a different toy. But, for those with eyes to see, the evidence is clear, even representations of me have power over cats.


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