There Are Others Like It, But This Lap Is Mine

Much of this week has been spent beneath a further increase in Una’s affection. This is not in itself a bad thing, but is creating a change in my daily rhythm.

The cats have a hierarchy of place. Jasper picks a place to sit, and Una either fits around him or, more usually, picks from the remaining comfortable places. As Jasper likes to sit on Nicki, this almost always means Una ends up in the box on my desk, or on top of the armchair.

However, Nicki is on a trip to Mexico for two weeks, starting last Saturday. As with her other absences it is taking several days for Jasper’s desire for extended human contact to overcome his inexplicable dislike of sitting on my lap.

So Una has taken over my lap during the evenings in addition to her opportunistic jump-ons when Jasper is out during the day, leaving me pleasantly be-catten.

Una Staring
Only one of you is here, so this chair is mine
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

Based on previous experience this will be stopped by Jasper deciding to jump onto me tomorrow evening or the day after, dividing the day between them, and thus giving me bi-catteral symmetry.

Until Jasper undergoes this change of state Una will continue to perform many of his other interactions too, albeit with less skill. Where Jasper would suggest that it was time to get up by standing next to my wife’s head and peering closely, Una stands on my chest and yowls; she is certainly less easy to snooze through, but has not fully grasped the implications.

Whether this increase in sitting upon me, whether by one cat or both, will reduce, as previously, upon my wife’s return, or whether it is evidence of a further increase in confidence I am unsure. However, I am sure that I will be well practised in remembering to make tea before I sit down.


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