On Not Winning The Bristol Prize 2013

The Bristol Prize 2013 long list was announced earlier this afternoon. I am not on it. However – unlike not winning the lottery – I did enter. So, with the unsullied rights for An Unquiet Calm reverting to me, I am now musing upon my plans for it.

One of the entry conditions of the Bristol Prize was that authors give them right of first publication for the short list. So, had I made that, it would have moved the story into the published category. As I have a number of other short stories that were published on quite obscure websites or in small competitions, I was mulling the idea of releasing a collection containing my Bristol Prize entry and several others where I have the rights along with one or more unpublished short stories.

Now I have the first publication rights back I am wondering whether to use it as part of a compilation, start submitting it, or edit it again without the specific word-count limits of the Bristol Prize.

Dave in Several Hats
The Author Considers Whether He Is Overcommitted.
(©unknown – if you were there and remember who took this let me know)

The issue is further complicated by The Fauxpocalypse Project possibly now being a paid collection instead of a charity release, which could change the publication rights of both Thieves in the Night and All Time Low, both of which I was also considering for my collection after they had been first published.

As I have not finished All Time Low yet, have the collaborative editing of Fauxpocalypse to do once the collection is complete, and have tentatively agreed to submit stories to As The Miller Told His Tale and At Night All Cats Are Red I am unlikely to be in a position to compile a collection of my own for a while anyway, so this is more of a snapshot of the things that are than a statement of things to be.

However, if you find me in your house scanning through all the collections on your shelves you will know why.

Do you have any suggestions for what to do with An Unquiet Calm? Or releasing collections of republished work?


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