Updating My Header

As I posted just over a week ago I am currently tweaking my blog’s look. My thanks to those who have provided feedback. A few days ago I updated my header, so thought I would share the process.

There was unanimous support for either sepia or monochrome rather than brightly coloured. I choose to interpret this as a recognition of my artistry and depth and not a suggestion I am boring.

The possible concepts that respondents though underlay the blog were more mixed. Pondering the ideas of broken-but-fixable, poetic, and formal I was drawn to a photograph I took in the Clifton Cemetery earlier this year.

Cross - Original
JPEG created from the original photograph
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

I spent some time playing around with various settings for the photograph in GIMP. While I can handle re-framing images – I am still learning more complex manipulation, so finally went with the built-in aging script instead of bespoke alterations.

Cross - Aged
After GIMP script-fu
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

With an aged version I was back in my comfort zone and set about cropping versions for each of my social media profiles: WordPress and Twitter have different required dimensions, but also have clear details of size and an intuitive upload method, so posed no issue; Google+ was less helpful as it does not include dimensions in the upload dialogue, and – despite using a pre-sized image – automatically sought to crop the image after upload.

Do you have a single image across all your social media? Do you find the different dimensions for each application irritating?

9 thoughts on “Updating My Header

    1. I am using the same picture for them all to make it easier for people to see all the accounts are me.

      However, I could see some people having a serious picture for their blog and but a more light-hearted one for Twitter.


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