Furniture Crisis? Worry No More!

When I walked down Whiteladies Road this morning, I noticed an outlet for new service had opened: The Sofa Library. The great improvements to civilisation that the ability to borrow sofas brings are such that I felt the need to deviate from only commenting on things I have used (mostly books) to highlight this boon to humanity. Not certain how this is relevant to your life? Let me pose a few scenarios.

The Sofa Library
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

You are looking to buy a new sofa. Instead of just a sample, you can try the whole thing for a short period to see if you want to own it.

Someone recommends a recliner. Instead of just sitting in the shop for a few minutes (or hours if you are confident enough) you can try one for weeks.

You want to paint the bedroom. Instead of putting up with a second-rate night breathing paint fumes, or trying to sleep on your existing sofa, you can borrow a sofa-bed for a week.

If you are lucky enough to have sofas for all your needs, they also stock other furniture.

For those who might comment it is not newly opened I say that, firstly, this only highlights the need for highlighting and, secondly, time is an illusion.

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