Great Day in the Morning

Today’s scheduled post on a subject thematic to my blog has been postponed. Instead I am announcing a victory. This morning I received a positive response to my submission to The Fauxpocalypse Project. As it was only a draft I am saving the bagels and muffins for the polished manuscript. I am however cheerful. Cheerful and slightly nervous.

I first heard about The Fauxpocalypse Project several months ago and was drawn in by the idea of stories set just after the predicted destruction of the human race did not happen. My first instinct was that there would be real legal questions posed by people’s actions while in fear of their lives, so I originally set out to write about that. However I have always preferred John Mortimer to John Grisham, so could not find an authentic voice for the plot. Thus, after entirely too long struggling to create a realistic picture of broadsheet media in the days following world trauma, I abandoned the idea and wondered about not submitting.

Fortunately my protagonist’s name seemed solid, and I started again with a new idea that did want to be told by me.

Unfortunately, once I had it on the page, the idea seemed most unlikely.

The Fauxpocalypse Project
(The Fauxpocalypse Project)

To add to my nerves, the Project is edited by Misha Burnett, author of Catskinner’s Book, so I was understandably nervous to be not only submitting my work but also doing it to someone whose own work I respected.

The weeks I put into my story seem to have paid off though, as he praised both my interesting perspective and the work as a whole.

There is still editing to do, so the manuscript is not finalised yet. It feels good to have more external validation though.

Unfortunately, after editing comes a process I have never been good at in other fields: self-promotion. I have happily advanced unpopular arguments in court and debated system functionality with senior managers, but I have never had the knack of spontaneously telling people how great I am at things. So my pleasure at advancing toward publication is leavened with the knowledge that, to make a publishing credit into an opportunity to be published again, I will have to devote more time to talking about directly about what I have done instead of why the things interested me.

If the Project sounds an interesting challenge, submissions are still open. Otherwise watch this space for updates on our progress.

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