There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Monitor Settings

I control everything you see and read on this blog, and hope some of it is awe-inspiring or mysterious; however, I certainly do not want you to sit quietly and passively consume. To bring more of my inner mind to the blog I have made a few changes, and would appreciate readers’ thoughts on tweaking a little further.

If you are wondering about the texture at the edges of the screen, have added an image of paper to the edges of the blog. I feel it is better than the standard white-space but still not intrusive.

Last month I received my first request to write a guest post, which was published last week. As I hope there will be more in the future I have added the Dave on Virtual Tour page to let other people find them easily and confirm I am happy to write guest posts.

I have also posted a more formal Review Policy for my Friday Reviews.

I am also planning to replace the out-of-the-box header image with a more personal image. I want to avoid simply replacing one stock image with another, but do not want to make it too obscure or irrelevant. Which is where I am asking for your thoughts in narrowing the field.

Based on my brainstorming possible criteria, I have created this form:

Alternatively you could comment below in the usual way.

My thanks in advance.

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