Dreams of Flying

In 1997 unidentified sounds were detected in the Pacific; sounds that matched the patterns of life but were many times stronger than the largest known marine life form. These sounds were later tracked to a deep sea mountain range in the Pacific but nothing large enough to make the sounds was discovered. When these findings were published in 2002, conspiracy theorists who believed H. P. Lovecraft‘s works are thinly veiled truth were quick to point out that the location of the mountain matched the site given for R’lyeh, the fictional city of the pre-human God, Cthulhu. Now even more evidence has come to light suggesting the Elder God and his loathsome spawn were real.

Archaeological evidence supports not just larger creatures in the past, but specifically giant squid of unusual size. Despite Phil Lobel’s statement that giant squid could not make such noises, the Bloop, as the sound has been named, has been seen as evidence that such mega-squid might still exist. Some theorists even suggest the inability of normal squid to make these noises indicates a preternatural explanation.

Sleeping in the bath for aeons gives you prune skin all over
(©Benoît Stella – CC BY SA 3.0)

However, until now, theorists had only been able to derive the existence of aquatic monsters and not the winged horrors of Lovecraft’s work. Now field work by Jun Yamamoto and his team shows that squid can fly.

There are tales of giant squid attacking ships. It is not then much more unfeasible that some of these giant squid might be seen flying. Would larger squid even be able to fly for greater distances?

Was Cthulhu based on such a sighting?

Beads of possibility hung on a string of inference certainly, but still worth considering before going into the water.

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