Knowledge Uplifting

The cats have become more confident, which is an excellent thing. However, it has made reading more difficult for a number of reasons. So, after many years of reading either on paper or a monitor, I have added a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader to my collection of technology.

The immediate benefit is that I can have many books to hand, so I am spared the dilemma of finishing a book minutes after I have been deemed a suitable place to curl up. While in the future I might be less accommodating if I have something to do, for the moment I want to encourage bonding so have remained where I am unless I urgently need to be somewhere else. Fortunately looking at a happy cat brings me joy so can often take the place of a book, cup of tea, or many other things.

Una - Floppy
…and this leg is mine.

The second benefit is leverage. Most books are hard to support using only one hand for extended periods, and turning pages one-handed is even harder; even thin paperbacks start to cause wrist strain after a while. However, I can support the Kindle version of any book easily, and use most functions with a single finger. This leaves the entire other arm for the most important tasks of stroking and head-bumping.

These advantages have already made the Kindle a good purchase. However there is another feature that gives it an edge over books in other situations too: the progress gauge can be set to display as “Time to Finish Chapter”. As a person who reads at every opportunity but prefers to pause at sensible break-points I sometimes find myself reading over the first few minutes of television programs because I believe I have time to reach the end of a section; now I can make a more informed decision on whether to stop at a section break or push for the end of the chapter.

I am likely to continue to read mostly on paper for the foreseeable future, particularly as I read many library books each year. But I now have real reason to consider purchasing an e-book rather than a paper copy.

Do you prefer paper or e-books? Do you use them for different purposes?

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