Smokers As Victims

All writing should come from a place of truth, and should not turn away to seek the approbation of critics or to avoid the ire of others. In this spirit I have decided to share a warning about the daily infringement of the rights of tobacco smokers; possibly the most severe assault on human rights ever.  A suggestion for a sensible solution.

Each puff of a cigarette or a pipe releases smoke into the air. Smoke that others inhale; gaining the benefits of the tobacco without having paid for it.

If I walked past while you were having lunch and took a bite of your sandwich you would (quite justifiably) feel I was in the wrong. Yet society blinds itself to the same act when it applies to smoking. It is past time we ceased to accept the mealy-mouthed label of passive smoking and call it what it is: theft.

Some may attempt to convince you that tobacco smoke is not beneficial and that these smoke thieves are the victims. But science is on our side. Homoeopathy shows that ingesting a small amount of a chemical has great benefit. As the majority of the chemicals in each puff are retained by their owner, the smoke thieves are only receiving a small amount of them. Mathematics itself proves that they gaining a greater benefit than the smoker!

There is not the will in government to resolve this egregious assault on smoker’s rights, and no time to show them that all right thinking people require action. We must protect our smoke with all the ingenuity available to us.

The Smoke Retainer 3000
The Smoke Retainer 3000
(Public Domain)

Fortunately I have a solution: the Smoke Retainer 3000. This lightweight and practical product is available in both brass/copper (displayed) and polished steel. The patented recommissioned Russian filters will make sure that none of your hard-earned smoke is inhaled by passing free-loaders.


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