Mischief Managed

…for a given value of mischief.

The RSPCA home inspection went very well and we were given permission to adopt, so yesterday I went to Bath Cats and Dogs Home to collect the new members of the household.

They are both still unsettled by the move from the cattery to our home. Apart from a brief exploration yesterday evening and a panicked flight this morning they have remained hidden since they arrived. So I am only able to share their mug shots from the adoption.

Jasper’s Adoption Mug Shot (©Bath Cats and Dogs Home)
Una’s Adoption Mug Shot (©Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

Although they are still nervous of emerging when we are around and certainly keep a distance, they seem happy with the litter tray which I view as excellent for all involved. Judging by the general disarray when we entered the living-room this morning they are also not too scared to explore and play when we are not around.

I must confess to some brief moments of frustration. I know that it will take a while for them to be happy with the new environment and with sharing space with two still unfamiliar humans. However there is a part of me that does feel rejection when they not only keep a distance but sometimes flee my very presence.

I feel in the end this will be a test of willpower for us all: the humans must resist the urge to rush socialisation, to which end I have set a perimeter of box, table, and bean-bag around their chosen spot to give them a private space; the cats must overcome their natural distrust of the new for long enough to discover coming a little closer for a little longer over the coming weeks is not a risk.

We have a pheromone diffuser installed. Combined with a practice of acting naturally this might dull their fear. However I foresee even my most calm efforts being met with distrust for a while.

As I write this last paragraph there is what might be a munching sound from behind me; they might be experimenting with emerging to eat while I am looking the other way. Already my neck is becoming stiff avoiding the urge to look, for fear of scaring them.

Were your pets nervous of you or your family to begin with? Did you struggle with inappropriate feelings of rejection?


2 thoughts on “Mischief Managed

  1. Beautiful cats. I have to admit, I’m more than a little bit jealous, despite my foray into dog-ownership.

    I’ve never adopted a grown cat, so haven’t had to deal with that situation. I’m sure they’ll come around soon. And before long, it will be like they were always a part of your life.


    1. Thank you.

      They still run if it seems I move unexpectedly. However, since I wrote this post, they have started playing and even eating while we can see them, so hopefully they will calm down further over the next few days.


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