Spending New Years With My Potential Family

Being by nature neither in need of arbitrary dates to validate our existence nor enamoured of strong liquor, and drawing strength from our permission to keep cats Nicki and I spent New Year’s Eve locating further cat shelters and New Year’s Day travelling to Bath to view the possible adoptees there. So my intended post has been batted under the sofa.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home (un/fortunately) have many cats in need of adoption.

Before they will let us adopt we need to have our home inspected; I am not really concerned that it is not suitable. However I have still spent the day making sure cables are in cable guards, plumping cushions, and borrowing more books on cat friendly homes from the library; it is probably overkill but – even being intellectually aware of a possible sunk cost fallacy – I am already invested in BCDH letting us adopt cats.

Had I resolved to undertake a significant change in my life then – owning a pet withstanding – I would have failed before I started. Fortunately my resolution is to turn my Nanodraft into a finished manuscript so writing only this post in first two days of 2013 has no appreciable impact; I can still fill in the gaps in by the end of the month and have a first draft ready.


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